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89 Mojo: Bio's

Hi! We're 89 Mojo, and we honestly thank you for reading this little bio. We released our 5th cd, "Today!", in July 2011, and it is easily our most melodic, diverse, and heartfelt batch of songs yet. One might think that 13 years together may have dried up the well, but we're feeling more creative and energized than ever. So, before this gets boring, here's our 3rd person bio:

Ever since forming in 1999, 89 Mojo has been one of southeast Wisconsin's favorite rock 'n roll party bands, earning them praise such as "the perfect festival band." Being a "do-it-yourself" indie band that mixes in an equal amount of fun cover tunes has provided the group it's successful niche. It's what works for the band, as well as any fan of melody-driven rock and pop music. An energetic live show, coupled with their recordings, has built them a great fanbase. They have performed at many of the area's well-known venues and festivals, including Milwaukee's Summerfest (the largest music festival in the world!), the legendary Brat Stop, and Chicago's famed Cubby Bear. In March 2012, they made their Nashville debut with two nights on the famous Broadway strip. And this July, the band (and a hundred of their friends and fans) will travel to Vegas for the 3rd year in a row playing at the Rio Casino.

Performance history:
Milwaukee Summerfest, Racine Harborfest, Vernon Hills Summer Celebration, Kenosha's Weekend at the Lake, McAuliffe's (Racine), Dry Bean (Madison), On Cue (Grayslake, IL), Vnuk's (Cudahy, WI), Pitcher's Mound (Beloit), Brat Stop (Kenosha), Cubby Bear (Lincolnshire, IL), Bobby Rockets (Lyons, WI)and many others...
Opened for:
Grand Funk Railroad, Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers, Great White, Will Hoge, Sister Hazel, Night Ranger, Fingertight, Edgar Winter, Rick Derringer, Firehouse, and more...

"...well-written, well-played music.....89 Mojo are practically a Kenosha institution. Lots of melody, lots of talent, and lots of energy..." - Matt Specht (Action Magazine, Jan. 06)

Simply stated, 89 Mojo are having a blast, which is evident by their smiles, jumps, and comraderie - as well as their longevity.

Al Schroeder - Lead vocals

About me: Music has always been a driving force in my life. Whether I’m up, down or somewhere in between, I love to get on stage and perform for whoever will listen. Odd to think that I felt numb when I sang on stage for the first time. Now it’s something I can’t imagine not having in my life. Music brings out my passions, pains, joys and love.

Favorite Bands/Biggest Influences: The Beatles, Butch Walker, Blind Melon, Lit and a hundred other bands.

Currently Listening To: John Legend, John Coltrane, Jer Coons, Lit and Rush.

Favorite Original: Right now it would have to be “Brown Eyes, Black Heart”. This song (style) is very different for us. Change is good and can be a lot of fun. This song proves that to me.

Favorite Cover: Ledbetter. Dom sings this one so I get to walk off stage and watch the guys perform. It’s always one of my favorites. Dom sings the song with so much passion. Grant gets to relax and play whatever feels right while Brian holds the song together with his accents and overall performance.

Favorite Vocalists: Daryl Hall, Marc Broussard, Will Hoge, Butch Walker, John Legend and Stevie Wonder.

Last Thoughts: I’m truly blessed to be able to perform with such a talented group of musicians, friends and brothers. Our great friend, Dommer may not be up on the stage with us but he is truly our 5th Mojo. Not to mention all the support we get from our wonderful fans, friends and families. We are getting ready to release the bands 7th album and I couldn’t be more excited. This will be my 4th album with the boys and I think it’s our best work to date. Hopefully everyone else will enjoy it as much as we do.

Grant June - Guitar, Vocals

Nov/Dec 2010.

Currently -
Listening to: Neon Trees, Matthew West, Brad Paisley (live), Butch Walker
Watching: The League, Rules of Engagement, SNL (when I can)
Reading: The Purpose Driven Life, American Songwriter magazine
Favorite Mojo songs: Today, Truth in Advertising (the jerk song)
Favorite Mojo covers: Banditos, Under Pressure

Music is my passion. Whether it's playing, writing, or listening, I love it. Besides that, my life is usually centered around the four f's: family, friends, faith, and fun. Another important "f" in my life is females. I live with four of them in our "casa de estrogen": my wife Dee, our girls Emily & Amanda, and our black lab Ella. A few other favorite f's are: food, Fender (guitars), farts, and my buddy the Freak.

I've always written songs simply because I enjoy it, and just basically wrote what came to me and felt right. The last couple years, though, that process has changed as I've been trying to grow and strengthen as an actual "songwriter". The songs usually take a bit longer to write, but I think they're improving both lyrically and musically. One of my musical goals is to have a song I wrote get recorded by a well-known artist.

Some random thoughts -
Will Ferrel rules.
I think Rob Thomas is a great songwriter, and don't understand why he's hated by so many.
1 in 10 guys lose their hair early. I took the fall for the guys in the band. Besides them, 6 more dudes owe me a thank you.
This is today! It's a one day only blow-out sale. Live and love.

Thank you so much for checking out our music. Please say hi at a show or send a message to us anytime. Here's to your health and happiness. Peace and love,


Dom Pedicone - Bass, Vocals

Instrument/Role: Bass / "Vice Grip to the sack" background vocals, tour bus driver, cord plugger inner, counselor.

About me: I really enjoy having a good time. Whether it's hanging with my family, rockin' like Dokken, or just drinkin' with the boys, I like being around 'good times' !

Favorite bands/biggest influences: Metal: Iron Maiden
80's rock: Night Ranger makes me weep, Tesla, and Sammy Van Halen.
Rap: Dre, Snoop, Eminem, Lil' Jon (WHAT!!).
Now: Green Day, Kelly Clarkson, Will and Butch.
Currently listening to: The 'Dennys Den' jukebox. Fall out Boy, Nelly,
Green Day, Gretchen Wilson.... everything!
Favorite original: Get
Favorite cover: My Own Worst Enemy - Lit or Small Things -Blink 182
Favorite bassists: Jon Ianni - my mentor. No one should be able to consume that much and still play like that. I'm mearly an understudy.
Jack Blades wasn't 'all that' on the bass, but he sure is cool! Melvin
Brannon II (Dan Reed Network).

Top ten cities to drink in:
10. Dubuque, Iowa
9. Southern California area
8. Beloit
7. Kenosha
6. Vegas
5. St. Louis
4. Milwaukee (Summerfest)
3. New Orleans
2. Chicago (Wrigleyville!)
1. Tampa Bay

Last thoughts: I'm only doing this band thing to get free drinks when we
play, look down girls low cut tops from a higher elevation (the stage),
and a few hours away from the doldrums of changing poopy diapers till my
solo career takes off. Kidding..... I love this band and everything and everyone that go along with it

Brian Otwaska ("Diddy") - Drums

Well I've been drawn to the drums as long as I can remember. My Dad used to play and had a drumset set up in the basement, so I would play them whenever I could. I had my first set of drums when I was 4 and started taking lessons when I was 7 and received a new set of drums at that time too. When I was younger I used to listen to my dad's old albums and imagine that I was playing with the band I was listening to. I kept taking lessons all the way through High school because I was playing Jazz at the time and wanted to keep my chops up for the jazz band. After graduation I decided to start playing in bands around town. I still wanted to be a rock star and was convinced that it was going to happen sooner or later. I even went out and bought a huge drumset with a steel cage and double kicks that nearly every drummer had back in the 80's. The bands I was in back then were not very good, and we gigged alot, but the band would always breakup after a year or
so. Well, being a rock star never happened, but if I didn't play in those bands back in the day I wouldn't have ever hooked up with the Mojo guys. So some good came from it!! Dom, Grant and I have been together now for over 14 years and Al has been with us for about 10.
I still enjoy playing every show that we do and hope to keep playing with 89 MOJO for many more years. When we are not playing out, I enjoy hanging out with my wife, my kids, and my friends. I have a place up in Northern Wisconsin and like to go up there and fish with my boys and relax when I can. I also like going to Brewers games with family and friends.
Things I DO not like are:
Circus clowns (ass clowns too), Edgar Winter, Southern Comfort, (huge really big drunk story there) and stupid cartoon character Ziggy.
That's it........ hope to see you at a show,
Peace, Brian

Dominic Perone Jr. aka Dommer - Soundman / Wise Guy

"This band is our second family, which is evident in our music and our actions as we strive to put out the best possible product to all of you... our loyal fans." -Dommer

About Me: I'm a Capricorn, the youngest and self proclaimed best looking of 3 sons. Sorry Bros! Growing up I always had a passion for music. By the time I was 18 years old I lived in 5 different houses, in 3 different towns and attended 6 schools. Something about fires... I'm kidding. Anywho... I met Dominic and Grant in the fall of 1990. I started working with Sahara Jack in January of 94'. I went through the transformation from S.J. to Epstein's Mother, to the present day line up of 89 Mojo and have been running sound since 2000'. I've attended a massive amount of concerts, music festivals, conferences, etc. across our great country. I somehow manage to be in the right place at the right time as I frequently run into a celebrity or know someone no matter where I am in the world at the time. I enjoy lifting weights, hiking, biking, craft beers, box lunches, various forms of live entertainment, and feats of strength.

Some of my personal favorite bands: Will Hoge, The Refreshments, Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers, Marvelous 3, Butch Walker, The Trews, Marc Broussard, The Reverend Horton Heat, RUN DMC, Rage Against The Machine just to name a few.

Random Thoughts:
BMW Motorcycles are my guilty pleasure.
Renewable energy is where it is at.
Dog breed bans are ignorant!
I don't have a natural smile.
Battery and steel wool...hmmm.
I don't do drugs as I believe they would make me weird.
Gretsch... A nice guitar is an object of lust.
I hate people who hate people.
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -Gandhi
Like the rest of the band, " I'm not ascared! "
I'm a gold watch at the bottom of the sea.
Can I get a Hell Ya?
Dominic itches his feet.
I believe they must put crack in LaCroix water as I can't seem to get enough.
The capital of Kentucky is Frankfurt.
If you are not living life on the edge, you're taking up to much space!
I like girls! Even though I slept with Al, several times. Sorry Ladies!

Seriously. Stop by the board, I'm usually good for a couple of laughs.

Throwin two to all of you,

Dominic Perone Jr. A.K.A "Dommer", or "The Other Dominic"