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89 Mojo: News/Blog

Dates + New Video! - February 5, 2017

Some new dates have been added; please check our Shows page to see where we'll be over the next couple months. We've added some new songs and even updated our 80's medley, and that has breathed new life into us!

Also, Grant has a new album coming out soon, and here's his brand spankin' new lyric video for his song "Unconditional" - check it out and please share it with your friends!

New dates added! - September 14, 2016

Yes, we realize this site doesn't get updated enough...and our apologies regarding that. Tell you what, stop by wherever we're at and tell us to "Update your doggone site!" and we'll give you a CD for free, or play you a special song, or buy you a drink, or give you a big hug. For sure one of those things, and who knows, maybe even all.

And if you're ever wondering when or where we'll be playing and this site isn't updated, please check out our Facebook page at It will usually have the next show listed, and you can always send us a message and we'll get right back to you!

Road trip: Nashville! - April 16, 2016

We're really excited for another trip to Nashville next weekend! We'll be playing at Big Shotz on Friday night from 6-10pm, and sharing the 10pm-close slot with Michael Scott Saturday night at Whiskey Bent. Both places are in downtown Nashville, and this will definitely be one for the memory books! More info on our "Shows" link.

We love y'all! (see how that southern thing takes over?!)

Nashville!! - January 19, 2016

Hey all - our Nashville dates are set! We'll be playing April 21st and 23rd, and enjoying that great town the rest of time! We're planning a bus/hotel package, so please stay tuned for more details. For now, get that vacation time requested!!

Summer Schedule - May 6, 2015

Hey all! Diddy is recovering from his second hip surgery, and looks like we'll be back up and running (or rather, playing) real soon! New songs are ready, new dates have been posted, and we can't wait to see y'all! Check 'em out and hope to see you soon!!

Jan. 3rd - LAST SHOW! - December 26, 2014

LAST SHOW...for a really long time...and we need you there! Saturday, Jan. 3rd at Coin's, 9pm - ?

On Jan. 19th, our drummer Brian Otwaska (aka the real "Diddy") will be undergoing the first of two back-to-back hip replacement surgeries (YIKES!), which will put him on "injured reserve" for roughly 6 months. We're planning on using the time off to work on a bunch of new songs, so when we do start playing again, it won't be the same stuff we've been doing for years...HOORAY! And that actually brings us to this upcoming also WILL NOT be the (mostly) cover songs we've been doing lately. Instead, we are going to play quite of bit of our own stuff, from old school Sahara Jack to Epstein's Mother, and of course Mojo music from "Watchin' My World Go By" through "Today!" - and we're excited about this! We will still play some classic and current covers (some of which you may never hear again), and there's always the "train wreck" factor of us trying out requests and other crazy things we might not completely know...but sometimes those are the most fun!

During this time off, please keep Brian and his family in your thoughts and prayers. We may still get out once in awhile to play acoustically, which will help us in trying out some of the new songs, and also keep us from getting rusty! And there's even the slight chance that we may be able to sneak in a full band gig if Brian is feeling good and strong enough to play before he goes in for the second surgery. We'll do our best to keep you updated on and here as well.

We hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas, and that your New Year is exciting, full of love, and safe. Thank you all from the bottom of hearts for all the support you've given us over the years. Love and peace -

Dom, Grant, Al, Brian, and Dommer
89 Mojo

New dates / live video - September 24, 2014

Check our Shows page to see where we'll be over the next couple months. We're going to be taking a few months off in the new year, so we hope to see soon!

Here's "Get" from our recent performance at Route 20 Outhouse, opening for Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers...what an amazing show!

Last night / tomorrow night - September 5, 2014

Thanks so much to Route 20 Outhouse and Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers for having us there to celebrate life with them last night. And if the incredible night of music and memories wasn't enough, we ended the evening on the outside patio by the fire, hanging out with the band and their crew. So here's what I know:
1) They write some of my favorite songs ever.
2) They are - without a doubt - one of best live bands on the planet.
3) They are some of the nicest, most genuine people I've ever met.

Tomorrow we're in Beloit at the Festival on the Rock! Food, drinks, music, and Lots of fun stuff for the kids. Hope to see ya' there!

Greatest September Ever? - August 22, 2014

As everybody is wrapping up their summer by dousing themselves with ice and/or water (and bringing some much needed attention and support to an awful disease - ALS), we are preparing for a 4-pack of some of the greatest shows we've ever lined up! Yep, strong words...but we stand behind them! See our "Dates" page for more info, but here's the CliffsNotes version -
9/4 - Rt 20 Outhouse (Sturtevant, WI) - opening for Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers
9/6 - Festival on the Rock (Beloit, WI)
9/13 - Rock the Block (Kenosha, WI)
8/19 - St. Edward Fall Fun Fest (Racine, WI)

Here's a clip of us playing "Banditos" - a great tune written by Roger Clyne when he fronted the incredible band The Refreshments. We won't be playing it on 9/4, but you can the Peacemakers will be completely rocking it!

Nashville this weekend! - June 17, 2014

We are SO looking forward to a 3rd road trip to Nashville! This year, we'll be at the awesome Irish pub McFadden's, which is everything we are about: great pub food, a party atmosphere, and live music. We're playing Thursday and Saturday night, and doing some serious Nashville food, drinks, and music on Friday! We can't wait!!

New shows added! - March 22, 2014

We are starting to fill in dates for what is looking to be a great summer of gigs! Our Nashville dates are finally locked in, there are a couple big birthday parties, we're heading back to Beloit (twice), and an upcoming show at every band's favorite stage to play (because of the awesome sound and lights)- Rt. 20 Outhouse in Sturtevant. Please click on our "SHOWS" link and start filling in your calendar. Hope to see you soon!!

Three great shows to end the year! - December 12, 2013

We've added a couple shows to finish out the year with some music and fun! After that, it might be awhile before we play again so we hope to see you soon!!

Friday, Dec. 13th - 7pm - Route 20 Outhouse (Sturtevant, WI) - opening for Spacehog and Sponge!!

Sunday, Dec. 22nd - 1-3:30pm - Coin's Sports Bar (Kenosha, WI) - early afternoon Christmas show and Packer pre-game party...with free food!

Saturday, Dec. 28th - 9pm - Coin's Sports Bar (Kenosha, WI) - opening for Replica (amazing classic rock from Green Bay)

Last minute show! - October 10, 2013

Hey - we'll be playing THIS saturday, 7-11pm at Rivals (frontage road off I-94 in Kenosha). It's a huge yearly party, and everyone's invited! They have an awesome outdoor area with a stage, huge patio, and great sand volleyball courts...perfect place for our last outdoor show of the year! Also, our good friend John Anderson of the Lonely Ninjas will be singing with us for a set, as well as joining us later in the night for some songs. Plus, drink specials and great food!! And it's not too late for those with kids, or something to do the next morning. Don't miss this one!

Reunion this Saturday! - August 14, 2013

Wow - we couldn't be more excited about this Saturday (5-9pm) at North Beach in Racine! All the former members of Mojo will be in town with their families, and will also be joining us onstage on various songs throughout the night. Here is a little history of our esteemed guests:

Paul Geasland - Lead vocals on "Looking For Gold" (Sahara Jack) and "Watchin' My World Go By" (89 Mojo).
Ernie Grice ...- Lead vocals and Guitar on "Sahara Jack" and "89 Mojo" (known as "the blue album").
Chad Plageman - Acoustic guitar on "Live" (89 Mojo) and guest appearances every now and then.

Our good friend Jason DeBraal from the fantastic band "3D" will also be on hand to lend some of his amazing guitar skills as well!

And who knows, there just may be some other guests joining in.

It is highly advised that you DO NOT miss this show.

Coming up! - July 11, 2013

Sorry, our show at North Beach this Saturday got cancelled due to the venue accidentally double-booking it. Our Aug 17 date there has been confirmed, though...and we may end up booking another date before then, so we'll let you know if that happens.

We will be at Racine's Italian Fest on Sunday, July 28th from Noon-3pm! So bring the family and friends on out for some fun in the sun!

Also, it's looking like we may be heading into the studio real soon to work on a brand new original Christmas tune! We were asked to be a part of another great Christmas compilation album (where all proceeds go to charity) we're excited to be a part of that.

Hope your summer's going swimmingly (did ya' catch the pun there?!) - we love you, you crazy kids!

Friday Night with Sister Hazel!! - June 10, 2013

What a way to celebrate Dom's birthday!! We'll be at the Majestic (one of THE best live music venues anywhere) with one of our favorite bands ever - Sister Hazel! Also on the bill is rising star Joe Bachman, so yeah, we're pretty excited about sharing the stage with them. It's an all-age show, but there is a bar as well, as we know a few like enjoy the occasional beer or cocktail! Get your tickets here:

And here's a little treat of Sister Hazel in action -

Updates and dates! (Yes, we are alive!) - April 18, 2013

Hey there! Sorry we've been slow with updating this site...seems everyone is too busy working, or facebooking, or tweeting, or something. Anyway, we've got a bunch of new summer dates set up and we'd really love to see you soon! For those of you who haven't heard, Al and his wife Liz recently welcomed a beautiful daughter, Emmalyn, to the world. Each band member now has two kids each, so now everything is fair & square, even steven, balanced, and now we can relate even better with each other...which, in the end, means a more-rocking (or is it heavier-drinking) band. Wow, that probably made no sense...well, band talk isn't supposed to!

On a more somber note, our hearts and prayers go out to the folks in Boston and Texas. I'm sure most of you have seen the sign that Martin Richard, the 8 year-old boy that lost his life in Boston, made a year earlier at school. It simply stated "No more hurting people", followed by "PEACE"...our hope is that his message wakes this world up.

Love y'all (that's the little bit of Nashville in us).

Grant has a new album! - December 13, 2012

Release party is Saturday night (12/15) at Coin's in Kenosha, from 7-11pm. Mojo will also be playing a set...and celebrating...and probably staying out too late. if you can't make it, you can pick up Grant's album on I-tunes here:
Free for the Giving - Grant June

Last night of rocking for awhile - - October 13, 2012

Tonight's our last show for awhile. Gonna take some time off and hopefully be back sometime in 2013. That being said, we'd LOVE to see you tonight at Route 20 Outhouse (Hwy 20 and I-94 in Racine, WI)! Also playing are Boys & Toys and The New Vinyls, so it's gonna be fun, great night!!

Rock the Block this Friday!! - October 3, 2012

This is easily one of our favorite shows of the year! Nothing like a massive pub crawl down 52nd Street, especially when all the proceeds go to the Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha! Here's the lineup at Coin's:
Lonely Ninjas: 8:00 - 8:30
Ecolimes: 8:45 - 10:00
89 Mojo: 10:30 - Midnight

This Saturday - All Original & All Ages!! - September 25, 2012

The "Rebuilder Concert Series" at the Rhode have been some wonderful, all-age shows featuring all-original bands, and we are thrilled to be a part of this show! Doors open at 6pm with a silent auction for the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning, to benefit Children's Hospital Kenosha Branch. Three fun, power-pop bands:
8:15 Aaron Fox and the Reliables
9:30 89 Mojo
11:00 Too Much Saturn

Enjoy some local music and arts, and you'll help some kids along the way!

Taco Bell jingle contest - update - August 16, 2012

We haven't heard anything on the contest results yet. They will be announcing the winner at the Minnesota State Fair, which runs 8/23 to 9/3, but I'm told we should be getting a call in the next few days with the results. As soon as we hear any other news, we will post an update. Our most sincere gratitude to each and every person that took the time to vote for us. We are truly blessed to have so many wonderful friends.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my amazing sister Amber!

Taco Bell jingle!! - July 8, 2012

Yes, we have written and recorded a Taco Bell jingle, and we need YOU to vote for us! We made the initial cut for the remaining 50 tunes, but now it's up to our friends and fans to help us get into the final rounds. Get this: the winner gets $10,000! But there are lots of other cool prizes too (we're thinking some free food would be sweet)...and YOU could even win $1,000 just for voting!! You can vote every day, and please share the link on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (or is that completely gone now???), or whatever you're into these days.

Just click HERE to vote. Our entry is called "Hankerin'" and is the second one in the list. And thanks so much!!

Nashville pics are up! - April 7, 2012

Yes, Nashville was fantastic. That city is so full of life and talent that it'd be great if I was just there by myself. But to be able to share our first weekend playing there with so many wonderful friends that made the trip - that's what made it truly incredible. And that's what I'll remember most. I'm sure we'll be going back to do it again, and we'll keep ya' posted -

Pics from Nashville (thanks to our friend Elton) are up, as well as from the Brat Stop (thanks to Dommer). Check 'em up, and hopefully we'll be seein' y'all soon!

Nashville bound! - March 25, 2012

Early Thursday morning we'll be loading up the van with guitars and friends and heading to Nashville for what will no doubt become one of the best three-day weekends ever! Thursday and Saturday nights we'll be sharing the stage with our good buddy Michael Scott at Whiskey Bent. Friday...well, Friday just might get ugly! We'll share some stories and pictures when we get back. Love y'all!
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