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TODAY! (2011) - CD

"Live" (2007)

89 Mojo: Live
19 total tunes of all the favorites from our previous recordings, as well as some new songs and a special bonus of the Christmas song "Wish"...a must have!
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This is a great site to find all sorts of "under-the-radar" artists!

"Five" (2004)

89 Mojo: Five
Our latest and greatest. Five power pop gems that'll stick in your head for longer than you'd like!
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99 cents a tune, and take 89 Mojo with you wherever you go.

89 Mojo (2003) - CD

89 Mojo: 89 Mojo
12 songs, including fan favorites "Glad you're happy", "Why I try",
and "Not now".
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Just 99 cents a tune.